Design Projects Group is a company built on a vision, a vision that offers clients a wide variety of unique skills and services.

Our Vision

To provide clients and staff with a successful working environment for all to work in synergy.

Our Mission

To grow, prosper and become visionary leaders within the industry.

Our Values

To create a secure and prosperous environment for all to graft and succeed within.

We work on small and large projects for the walk-in client, as well as the repeat client. Our industrial design team work on the production of various specialized products. Our architectural design team work on small to large projects that are unique and eye-catching. Our prowess and involvement have always been in design, construction, and project management fields. With over 30 years’ experience throughout our team, the possibilities are endless.

The sky is the limit, and with our broad network of specialized suppliers and manufacturers to choose from, and through our technical experience, we are able to ensure that any and all types of work undertaken is completed at the highest standard.

Design Projects Group is a powerful business that provides a fast way for companies as well as clients to create breathtaking Designs. DPG brings a vast array of customization possibilities, such as access to technology, software, and much more. Not only that, DPG provides all the building blocks you’ll need to rapidly execute your vision.

Project Services

Project Management, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Kitchen Design, Construction Consulting, Quantity Surveying & Office Space.

design company

Interior Designers, Industrial Designers, Architects, Graphic Designers, Estimators, Aerial surveillance and photography, Mechanical Engineering & Structural Engineering.


About Us

At Design Projects Group, we are a turnkey business, always ready and always grafting.

We collaborate with our own professionals, including professionals of the clients preferred choice. Either from outside the office or our very own specialists.

We work with young, enthusiastic design minds that are able to grow ideas and develop a masterpiece. Our specialized partners can financially support signature projects. We believe that in order to succeed, it is a necessity to exert oneself in all that is implemented. Here at DPG, we believe that balance between work and play is important. Life has ebbs and flows. Sometimes you are extremely busy and sometimes you are not. The key is learning to work with ebb and flow instead of trying to control it.

Creative team brainstorming is important to us, not only does it improve critical thinking, it also improves problem-solving skills as both an individual and a team. It also encourages collaboration on more than just major projects. Our team members often feel more open to bouncing ideas off one another and seeking advice on individual projects when creative team brainstorming, it is an important part of the work process. Additionally, creative brainstorming works to include different perspectives and improves the team’s ability to think outside the box, the very foundation on which this business was built.

Our dedicated team gives us a competitive edge over other establishments. Here at DPG, we are more than just a team, we are a family that works hard together, laughs together, and grows together. Nothing is more important than working together. We are here to help you execute your vision. One of our specialities at DPG is personal concept development.

DPG believes that there is no substitute for hard work, one must strive for excellence if you wish to leave your mark for others to see.


Design Projects Group

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Design Projects Group is a powerful business that provides a fast way for companies and clients to create awesome Designs. DPG brings plenty of customization possibilities like access to technologies and software and much more. Also, DPG provides all the construction blocks you need to rapidly create your vision.


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